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Declaration forms to be used by Church members

Through this page you will be able to access the Declaration forms to be used within the four Dutch speaking Stakes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.

The PDF files to be filled in on the PC can now be saved after the contents has been modified. This method was possible with the old forms and is as of today (10 Oct 2016) also possible with the new files.

All forms have been updated (text change and input fields added) and placed on the website.

Please, always use the latest form. Latest form is now version 2016-11

For each unit, there are two types of forms. A declaration form for general affairs and an application for support from fast offering. The application form for assistance from fast offering is only available for units within a Stake and not the Stakes themselves.

The forms are further divided into auto and manual. Auto means that the form can be filled out on the PC and that the amounts are added automatically. The manual form must be printed out and can then be filled in. However, it is preferred that you use the auto form in order to avoid errors in the adding of amounts, but also because it is more clearly readable.

The main change in the forms is, because of international payments, that the BIC code of bank and the complete IBAN account number needs to be filled in on the form. For an explanation on BIC code and to find the BIC code for your bank, click here.

To view the forms you do need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click Get Adobe Reader to download it.

Click in the left column on the button representing your Stake. Make certain you use the form for that is intended for your unit.


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Last update: 16 februari 2017